Sweets & Treats

Have a peek in our display case to see what we have in store for you, or give us a call to order.


Each bite of our fresh fruit pies is filled with large fruit pieces in a rich and flakey crust.

Cherry ~ Raisin ~ Apple ~ Blueberry Pumpkin and other flavours offered seasonally


Cake style doughnuts made from scratch and hand dipped and filled. Get to  the bakery early. They go fast.

Lemon ~ Honey Dipped ~ Jam Filled ~ Chocolate Dipped

(baked fresh Wednesday and Saturday)

Cinnamon & Sugar ~ Plain Old Fashioned

(baked fresh daily)


Cheesecakes ~ Cannolis ~ Mille Feuilles ~ Black Forest Cake ~ Cream Puffs ~ Èclairs ~ Baklava


We are always coming up with new varieties for you to enjoy. Bring home a dozen today.

Jam Jams ~ Chocolate Chip ~ Peanut Butter ~ Katie Cookies ~ Oatmeal ~ Fruit



Always delicious, our squares are baked with the finest ingredients – rich chocolate, fresh dates or coconut.  We cut them in generous portions and serve them fresh daily.

Brownies ~ Cherry Date Bars ~ Peanut Butter Butterscotch ~ Chocolate Caramel Bars ~ Date Squares ~ Naniamo Bars


Chelsea Buns

Sweet and sticky and packed with fruit, our Chelsea Buns are famous throughout the Pontiac.


Fill your cravings any time of the day with a delicious muffin. We bake a variety of flavours for you to enjoy.



Butter Tarts

A Canadian tradition, we bake them to please. Flakey pastry with creamy butter filling.

Pecan Tarts

Butter tarts with pecans added for a nutty flavour and texture.

Cup Cakes

Choose from a variety of flavours such as ~ Chocolate Hazelnut ~ Berry Filled ~ Carrot Cream Cheese